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Planning & Strategy​

This is the first step in the design process where the goals and objectives of the website are defined, and a plan for how to achieve them is developed. This includes researching the target audience, competitor analysis, and determining the overall purpose and functionality of the site.

Design & Develop​

In this phase, the website’s structure and layout are created using wireframes and prototypes. Then the visual design of the website is created, including the color scheme, typography, and images. The development stage involves the actual creation of the website, including coding and testing.

Approve & Launch​

The final stage involves your approval; then launching the website and making it live. This also includes ongoing maintenance, such as updating content, fixing any bugs, and monitoring the site’s performance to ensure it continues to meet the goals and objectives set in the planning phase.

Why a Monthly Subscription?


Ongoing Support:​

Customers receive ongoing support and maintenance for their website.



Offers a predictable, affordable payment structure.


Updated Tech:​

Customers get access to the latest technology and design updates.



Customers can request additional customization and updates as needed.


Reduce Risk:​

No large upfront investment reduces the financial risk for the customer.


Positive ROI:​

We made it easier for you to start generating revenue instead of costs.

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